Kitsune .44 page 16


1. I am seriously surprised that the word "RUN!" does not appear next to Scott and Gen as they are running. Or possibly "RUN WHILE TAPPING CANE!"

2. ...And yet, in the third panel, Gen's mullet is free and unfettered. Does this represent some unspoken, complicated protocol? Or possibly just an artist who can't even tie his own shoes?

3. Any doubt that Scott is a self-insertion by Gonterman will be handily erased at the end of this page - all the women are fawning over him. It's a dead giveaway.

4. The concept of men and women independently decidng to "date" one another, in this comic, will not have happened for at least four hundred more years. Perhaps this is a testament to Scott's sex appeal?

5. It is fortunate, however, that women here are all checking Scott out. Otherwise we might never know their gender.