8 Lifehacks For People Who Need, Or Just Want, 8 Lifehacks

  1. If a loved one dies, no need to worry! Just get a magic potion that brings dead people back to life.
  2. Use the following mnemonic device: Mary Saw A Nintendo Game
  3. Scratched up DVD? You might have to replace it but you might not! It still might work, but if it doesn’t then yeah you’re going to have to replace it.
  4. Trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Simply make it so your bed goes away for a while so you can’t go back to it. Bring your bed back just before you leave for work.
  5. Press your left thumb and forefinger into your right palm, just under the joint for your right ring finger. Yeah, like that. Good. Gooood.
  6. Hungry, but broke? Not for long! Get a free slice of pizza.
  7. Cut most of your dick off and throw it in the garbage. You won’t believe what happens next!
  8. Hung over after a long crazy night? Try a classic Russian hangover cure!

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